Welcome to MandarinSpot. This site is designed to help you in your study of Chinese language and reading Chinese online. Here you can add Mandarin pronunciation to any Chinese text as either Hanyu Pinyin, often called simply Pinyin, Zhuyin Fuhao also known as Bopomofo or other, less known Chinese phonetic systems. Here you can use both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters as long as you don't mix them inside one word.

Right now there are a Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary and an Annotation tool for clips of Chinese text and whole Web sites. There is also a Bookmarklet that can be used to annotate any web page. If you are a webmaster interested in adding pop-up annotations to your own website, free public API is also available.


This site is using CC-CEDICT dictionary maintained and made available by MDBG Chinese-English dictionary. The version used on this site contains over 100 thousand entries.

HSK vocabulary list used by annotator was taken from HSK Flashcards web site.


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If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, your feedback is very much appreciated.

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