Live bookmark

This is the new recommended bookmarklet you can use to add pop-up annotations to any web page.

In order to use it, drag one of the following links to your bookmark bar or right-click and choose Add to Favorites:

Annotate (Pinyin)
Annotate (Zhuyin)

On mobile devices: bookmark this page, select all text in one of the following text areas and copy it into clipboard, edit just created bookmark, replace URL with just copied text.




The bookmark should work in any reasonably recent browser (it doesn't work on Internet Explorer older then 8.0). It also works pretty well on iPhone and Android devices.


All Chinese text found on the page is sent to the MandarinSpot server for segmentation and retrieval of the dictionary definitions. This information is not stored in any form on the server, but the transmission itself is done without encryption at the moment, which makes it possible for the data to be observed by a third party while in transit.


If you want to add this functionality directly to your website, have a look our public API page

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